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From the Pastor's Heart

March 2021

March is here and we have been in and out of church for a year now. It seems like life has been put on hold during this pandemic, but in reality, life has been moving forward, even though we have been isolated from much of it, but days keep ticking by. We still have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and thank God we can find bathroom tissue once again, but life has definitely changed, and not for the better. In ministry and within families, weddings have been downsized to immediate family members, funerals services have changed from grave-side only to only family members allowed at the services, not being able to visit loved ones in nursing homes, or hospitals. If you go to the doctor not even your spouse can go in with you, heavens even when I took our puppy in for her shots they came and got her from the car, but even more tragic than all of this people are dying alone.


Ministry has been difficult and phone ministry is not adequate by any means.  I’ve held no one’s hand while they were going through difficult times; no anointing with oil while I praying for our sick members; I have wept for many as I hear the sorrow in their voice and could not give them a hug to reassure them.  And is it just me or has this country lost its mind, with riots and calling evil good and good evil? These are a few of the difficult and depressing things that we have been going through in 2020, but there are positive things that are still happening.


The Lord our God is still on His throne, and He still loves His children; He has not forsaken us or left us alone. We have been able to encouraged one another through cards and letters and phone calls; we have held church services on Facebook and so much more.  I know that it looks different, and will for a while, but this too will pass, and when it is over, we will appreciate what we have so much more.  This time has also been an opportunity for us to spend time in the bible and to grow in our faith. This has been a time to pray and start a habit of doing them both on a daily basis with a good habit a daily devotional routine. 


There is a good deal of ministry that we can be involved in during this pandemic as well; you can become a prayer warrior. Being a prayer warrior means praying diligently and faithfully for the needs of others, and pray until there is an answer. You can begin a phone ministry. Make a list of people and call them once a week and encourage them in their faith and pray with them about their struggles. Start a card ministry, go shopping for those who cannot get out, cook meals for those who could use the extra food, and bake cookies for your pastor. And do these things not just for church members but for neighbors and people in need in your neighborhood, these things will honor the Lord Jesus Christ and a worthwhile ministry. We are children of the creator of the universe, He holds us in the palm of His hand. God has blessed us and given us power over the dark powers in the universe, and God withholds no good things to those who love Him. So let’s stop allowing Satan to bring us down and begin to let the Holy Spirit lift us up. Be blessed every day and especially during this Lenten season.


                                                               Pastor Scott Baird


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