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From the Pastor's Heart

November 2019


November is such an exciting month; it is filled with grand thoughts of Christmas and gifts in the upcoming month. The trees are beautiful with all of their colors and the children can jump and bury themselves in them right after you have raked them. The air is fresh and crisp this time of year and although it seems that so many things are dying, it is really a time preparing for the great unveiling of God’s beautiful creation.


It is an exciting time because it reminds us of the death necessary for new life. I suppose it is a time that makes us yearn for the warmth of summer and the springing forth of fresh new life as the earth comes to life once again. The winter causes me to consider the loss of so much and I too wait with bated breath for a new spring. Sometimes we get accustom to the beauty of summer and begin to take advantage or no longer notice the grandeur of God’s blessings all around us.


The same is true about the grandeur of the beautiful life that God has given to us through the gifts of His Son. It is not that we don’t care, it that we have just grown accustom to it because it is always here. This season and the upcoming Advent season is a time to search our hearts and yearn for the beauty of Christ and His coming, as we wait with bated breath for that day when He was born for us. This is the season when we look with fresh eyes and see the wonder of God’s love for His children blooming right before us as it did so many years ago.


I have already begun to remember the cost of the gifts given to ne on Christmas day, and grow as excited as a child as I wait once again. We might think, pastor that actual day passed many years ago, but I ask you to consider it differently today. There are many hearts and lives that are waiting for the coming of the Christ child in their lives for the first time, a day of great celebration of new life, a day of forgiveness and freedom from the darkness of this world, and a day to celebrate God’s greatest gifts.


November is only the leading up to the new revelation of God’s beautiful creation, but every day is the leading up too and beginning of new lives and new hearts that come with the shedding of God’s warm light in the lives of so many. Be a part of that preparation and give glory to the Lord for each day as we wait for Him to return a second time and ring in the final blessing to all who believe.



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